Industrial CRE Snapshot

Lee and Associates - Charleston, SC | Industrial CRE Snapshot

Right now, the indisputable highlight of this industrial cycle in Charleston is what’s being built. 

There is currently 12 million sq. ft. under construction.

A lot of these projects have been envisioned for years, but many are new responses to tenant and port momentum. The I-26 corridor near Summerville is a hot spot. In the interactive map shown below, there are 13 speculative projects totaling 7.6 million SF.

Camp Hall Commerce Park is another major mover, with 2.2 million SF currently under construction and a large chunk of pre-leasing already inked. Tenants seeking large blocks of space, close to a major port, and within South Carolina’s business friendly environment will have ample opportunity with any of these developments. 

How quickly will it be absorbed? 

That’s a question for another post, but the fact remains: the Charleston market will see an influx of industrial product in 2023.