Finding The Right Office Space For Your Firm


So you’ve decided to look for a new office space. Expanding, downsizing, new to market, or simply need a change in your current location. Whatever the reason, getting it right requires patience, research, and creativity. Our team has successfully executed this process hundreds of times for a multitude of clients, and have pinpointed some best practices to help your search be as seamless as possible. In this short guide, we’ll describe how we approach this exciting process, and what your considerations should be along the way.

1. Discovery Phase

During this initial step, we take pride in getting to know your company, your culture, and your vision for the future. This critical first phase helps us understand your values and how finding the right office space will help you achieve your business goals. Ultimately it is our job to make sure your business transitions seamlessly and that you love your new office home! Below are a sampling of questions that your decision-makers need to answer:

2. Search Phase

The Discovery Phase provides us with a set of expectations to help locate your ideal space. Now the fun part begins with the Search phase, where we bring actual buildings into the mix! We’ll create a curated list of space options for you based on your preferences and priorities and always welcome feedback along the way! Researching properties, neighborhoods, lifestyle, access, and culture is an excellent way to fully entrench yourself in this journey and will help to ensure your organization selects a location that fulfills goals outside of desired suite size.
Once we’ve made our property recommendations and we are on the same page on which spaces you’d like to view, we’ll handle all aspects of touring including scheduling, access, communication with brokers/ownership, and will ultimately guide through you the buildings.

3. Analysis Phase

Following our property tour, we will review and refine the available spaces into a short list for further consideration and analysis. During this phase, it is important to balance how you felt during tours with your initial budgetary and economic criteria. Making sure the space “just feels right” is incredibly important, but so is staying within your financial means. Keeping in mind your original goals, we’ll create a survey of the spaces that are a strong fit for your company, and we’ll determine specifics terms. We will then send lease proposals to Landlord’s representatives for review.

4. Negotiation Phase

Your top choice is available, and the landlord likes your proposal! Now it is time to seal the deal. As commercial real estate brokers, it’s our job to ensure you receive the best possible deal for your business. We are trained in the nuance of negotiation and have years of experience in brining successful deals to the finish line. Armed with market data, items we’ll handle on your behalf include starting rent, lease type, length of term, money for tenant improvements, rent escalations, and more. At every step along the way we’ll ensure the deal points we are negotiating align with your goals and provide excellent communication.

5. Build-Out, Close, Move-In, & Thrive!

It is all becoming real. Build-out is underway, furniture is being delivered, and final touches are being applied to your office space. We ensure that all team members at your new location – Landlord, Architect, General Contractor, Property Manager, etc. are in coordination with one another to keep the process moving forward to ensure that inspections are passed and the final occupancy permit is secured in a timely manner.

We value our client relationships and are here to support you with any questions or information you need long after move-in when the initial transaction is complete. Plus, we’d love a tour of the new office!

Cameron Yost

Vice President


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