2023 Industrial Deliveries

Lee and Associates - Charleston, SC | 2023 Industrial Deliveries
Inventory Explosion

Is there an end in sight for the industrial boom? Globally, the rapid growth of the industrial sector may have reached its peak, and many experts are predicting a decline in the near future.

But Charleston doesn’t conform.

Our market is on pace to deliver 11+million sq. ft. of brand new industrial real estate in 2023, pushing the market ever closer to the elusive 100M sq. ft market footprint (a signal of strength for a tertiary industrial market).

Despite economic uncertainty, the outlook in Charleston from an industrial real estate perspective is positive. Cargo continues to flow through the deepest port on the East Coast at record levels, and tenants are clamoring to locate nearby. They’ll have plenty of options to choose from in the near future. 

Below is a timeline of expected delivery dates for everything under construction in the Charleston market 

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