Top Relocation Mistakes

Top Relocation Mistakes

Relocating your office space can be an exciting time, accommodating a growing business and expanding operation. Unfortunately, it can also be a stressful time when mistakes are made. Mistakes made during relocation may lead to extra costs, operational downtime, and more.

With proper planning and preparation, your business can avoid making the mistakes that will cost your organization. Avoid these common relocation mistakes to ensure your business’ move goes as smoothly as possible.

Failing to Plan Ahead

It may seem obvious, but planning ahead is necessary for a smooth office move. You should begin planning for a move while you’re still looking for a new space. Check office dimensions, make a detailed checklist, consider the vendors you will need to make the transition, and more. Planning ahead will help avoid disorganization and last minute headaches.

Timing is also an important part of the planning process. Delays will cost your operation money and may affect operations. From late starts to delayed deliveries, there are many time delays that can occur. Be sure to plan ahead, and prepare for potential delays.

Not Having Enough Space

Having enough space is about more than square footage. You may look at a space that has more than enough square footage, but the layout of the space can affect how your furniture, computers, employees, and more fit.

When it comes to how much space you need, the recommended square footage varies across industries and changes often. A broker can help you determine the right amount of space for your operation.

The right space will accommodate the current size of your business, and also allow room for growth. That way, you will not have to relocate every time your business grows or expands.

Failing to move electronics properly

Most businesses today, if not all, rely heavily on computers and IT equipment for their day to day operations. That’s why properly moving this equipment and your computer network is so important. Moving and installing computers and other electronics requires a lot of planning and the help of professionals, either from your organization’s IT team or outside professionals.

Problems with your electronic equipment can cause major problems for your business’ operation, as can lost data. Make sure your organization’s data is backed up and safely stored.

Not Hiring a Professional

The best way to smoothly relocate your office is to hire professionals every step of the way, from finding a space to moving IT equipment. Not only can professionals take the stress of relocation and finding a space off your hands, they also have the industry expertise and connections to secure the best deal.

The above are just a few of the mistakes that often come with a big move. And while relocating your office space is no easy feat, it doesn’t have to be a frustrating process. With proper planning and professional help, moving your office can be the best thing for your expanding business.

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