Service With a Smile

When you walk into Lee & Associates, you’re automatically greeted by Wendy Mulqueen’s warm smile and welcoming face. In fact, the best word to describe her would be amiable. She embraces each guest and staff member of Lee & Associates in a friendly and pleasant manner and it’s this demeanor that makes everyone feel at home.

Wendy was born in Oxfordshire, England where she spent her childhood surrounded by the country’s vast rolling green spaces and historic sites. Her high school career was active and filled with various sports and activities. When Wendy entered high school, she became engaged in the school’s debate team, drama club, and field hockey team. After graduating from Bicester Comprehensive School, it was time for the next adventure in Wendy’s life. Upon graduation, she attended Banbury Polytechnic College in Oxfordshire, England.

Soon after graduating from Banbury Polytechnic College, she started a job with the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence in Oxfordshire, England.  She worked for the Ministry of Defence for several years and during that time, she met her husband, Danny. Danny is originally from Virginia and was stationed in the United Kingdom with the United States Air Force. Once he finished his four year term with the Air Force, Danny moved back home to Virginia, only to return a year later to Oxfordshire, with his parents, to marry Wendy. Wendy and Danny then moved to Boone, NC to start their life together.

In Boone, Wendy started a new job at Batchelor Chiropractic Clinic. She directly assisted Dr. Batchelor and educated his patients on chiropractic manipulation and therapy. Wendy trained in all areas of the clinic and even earned her certificate as an X-Ray Technicians’ Assistant. She learned valuable skills that would follow her to her next career. After about four years in Boone, Wendy and her Danny decided it was time for a change. So, they packed their bags and headed for the sunny beaches of Charleston, SC.

Charleston brought them everything they were looking for: beaches, history, and warm weather. Wendy soon began working at The Barkley Company where she worked as Miles Barkley’s Personal Assistant, a Commercial Real Estate Broker Assistant, and a Residential Broker Assistant. Wendy had a wide range of responsibilities. However, her previous experience prepared her well for these roles. After six years, Miles moved his career to Lee & Associates and he asked Wendy to go with him.

At Lee & Associates, Wendy began a new position as Broker Services Coordinator and shortly thereafter, transitioned to the role of Front Office Coordinator. In her current role, she assists brokers and property managers, maintains a 1st class office space, serves as the first point of contact for visitors and clients, and manages mail correspondence and the telephones.

Wendy and Danny have two children, Daniel and Sebastian. Daniel is currently living between Greenville, SC and Dalton GA and has been given the opportunity to work for Shaw Industries in a co-op position. Wendy is a strong advocate for her son Sebastian, who has special needs. Sebastian attends an adult day care facility on Rivers Avenue, which he calls his “college”, just like his older brother. Her family is a huge sense of pride for Wendy. When she talks about them, she beams with pride.

When Wendy is not working, she enjoys riding horses, painting, and reading. She has enjoyed volunteering her time to Carolina Children’s Charity, an organization committed to meeting the needs of children with special needs. Wendy also enjoys time spent with her family. Her family, who still live in England, try to visit Charleston as often as they can. Every once in while, Wendy and her family also attempt a trip across the pond. Although she is a long way from home, Wendy has found a home in Charleston and Lee & Associates.

Brotherly Love

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