Location Spotlight: Downtown Charleston

Location Spotlight: Downtown Charleston

It’s no secret that Charleston has been booming over the last few years. From advances in industry, development, and business, both Charleston’s economy and population are growing. With new people flocking to Charleston and new business developing, the Holy City is seeing steady commercial growth, and with good reason: one study ranking the best cities to start a business in 2017 found that out of 358 metro statistical area, Charleston ranked number 82. Downtown Charleston has become one of the prime spots for businesses and retail stores looking to get in on the city’s successful growth. Here are a few of stores and businesses that are planning expand to or break ground in Downtown Charleston.

“Fancy food court” and incubator space Workshop by Butcher & Bee owner Michael Shemtov and chef Jonathan Ory will be opening soon at 1503 King Street. Workshop will play host to six rotating kitchens and dining concepts, letting visitors experiment and get a taste for different chefs and food vendors. The space features both indoor and outdoor seating and can accommodate more than 300 people. Vendor occupancy will range anywhere from 1 to 5 months.


Also coming to the upper peninsula at 1505 King Street is the Pacific Box and Crate development from the Raven Cliff Co. Sitting on ten acres, Pacific Box and Crate will provide 130,000 square feet of office space spread across three buildings. Pacific Box and Crate is designed to be a space not only where businesses can prosper, but also a place where Charlestonians can come to have a coffee, grab dinner, or even take a yoga class.

Pacific Box and Crate (Rendering/L3SP)

Tenants are already planning to move into the space, including growing ventures like The Harbor Entrepreneur Center, CrowdReach, and PhishLabs, which moves into a larger space in anticipation of adding 45 new jobs over the next year. Edmund’s Oast also plans to open a brewery and restaurant in the space.

Areas surrounding Upper King Street and the upper peninsula are seeing drastic changes due to redevelopment and revitalization efforts. Many of these projects focus on bringing businesses to the area, from tech and industry companies to restaurants and stores to create an area where work and fun go hand-in-hand.

Many of these efforts are a part of the Charleston Upper Peninsula Initiative. The goal of the Upper Peninsula Initiative is to revitalize and redevelop the Upper Eastside of the peninsula into an innovative urban community. Development projects include startup incubator Flagship 3, office and living spaces, and more. Existing office spaces and restaurants like goat.sheep.cow.north and Lewis BBQ are examples of the successes the Initiative has already seen in developing the area.

Flagship 3

601 Meeting and WestEdge are other developments that will provide space for new business and retail ventures in Downtown Charleston. The area is constantly evolving and changing, and businesses from tech to retail are looking to get into the Charleston market.


                      601 Meeting                                                                     WestEdge

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