Good News: Social Sells

Good News: Social Sells

In the past, marketing was all about pushing information on your audience, used as a one way line of communication between company and audience. But now, social media and the digital sphere have transformed marketing and changed how companies interact with their audience.

Social media is an equalizer, giving a voice to everyone and creating a two way line of communication between brands and customers by allowing potential customers to engage with companies. For businesses, social platforms provide an opportunity to build relationships and engage with their audience.

Social media has become a necessary marketing tool for businesses, including commercial real estate groups. With social media, CRE groups can establish themselves as trustworthy, quality-driven industry leaders. By reaching and engaging with new customers, companies can convert social media interest to sales.

So where does building a strong social media presence start? The first step is to create a consistent image and brand across social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Your brand should appear professional and personable to attract followers and potential customers.

Once you have established your brand’s image, you can begin to post content that will demonstrate your industry expertise and engage your audience. Content may include images of properties, industry articles, local and company news, as well as company and individual updates to add a personal element to your and your customers’ online relationship.

Blogs are another great place to showcase your industry knowledge and expertise. Ideally social content will boost your company’s visibility online and help you build and foster relationships with your audience, ultimately leading to sales and lasting business relationships.

In addition to posting content and social marketing campaigns, engaging with customers and followers is a necessary element of social media marketing. It’s not just about inundating your followers with information, but building relationships that create a community around your brand. Maintaining relationships and customer trust is essential to your company’s social media presence.

By creating a strong social media presence and producing content that establishes your CRE firm as an industry expert, you can build top of mind awareness with followers and convert online interest to sales.

When utilized correctly, social media can be an invaluable tool for your CRE firm, so start sharing!

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