Up-and-Coming Locations for Retail in Charleston in 2017

Over the past few years, the Charleston area has been growing rapidly. People are leaving the heart of the peninsula as newcomers move in and prices go up, and businesses are following. While King Street property still reigns supreme, you no longer have to be on King Street to make a pretty penny in retail. Here are 5 up-and-coming areas to consider for retail space in the Holy City and beyond.

One of the hippest areas in downtown Charleston these days is NoMo. The name comes from the location, north of Morrison Drive in the city’s upper peninsula. NoMo is a popular place among the young professional crowd in Charleston. The Tattooed Moose was one of the first restaurants in this area, and has been a favorite among Charlestonians and tourists since its opening. Many businesses have followed suit and seen a lot of success in the NoMo area, including the likes of Lewis Barbecue, Butcher & Bee, and Edmund’s Oast.

Similar to NoMo, downtown Charleston’s Eastside has seen a boom in real estate, both commercial and residential. The newfound popularity of the Eastside is a result of population and business growth on the peninsula. The area is home to restaurants and businesses in the beautifully renovated Cigar Factory, and hip new club The Commodore. The Eastside’s popularity will only grow, so get in while the rent is still affordable.

Park Circle
Leaving the peninsula and downtown Charleston, we come to Park Circle in North Charleston. Park Circle has become hugely popular for families, young people, and empty nesters alike to enjoy a community full of activity, from parks and recreation to booming businesses and restaurants. Popular spots in Park Circle include EVO Pizzeria, Mixson Market, and Basico.

Johns Island
Development is also moving west of Charleston to Johns Island. In the next few years, Johns Island will probably be similar to James Island in terms of population and commerce. The island is currently home to longitme favorites Fat Hen and Sweeney’s, all complemented by the island’s oak-lined roads and natural beauty.

North Mt. Pleasant
Finally, to the east of the peninsula lies Mt. Pleasant, where development has been booming for the past few years and is beginning to expand north. In fact, census estimations found that Mt. Pleasant grew more quickly than any city east of the Mississippi River in 2015. Large neighborhoods like Park West, Brickyard, and Wild Dunes along with Wando High School have families flocking to the area, making north Mt. Pleasant the perfect destination for retail businesses.

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